do you know why snow is white?

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you don’t fool me,
                     e  f   f   y   s   t   o   n   e   m.

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attacked, violated, afflicted

             “You don’t deserve this, you’re a good boy.

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The reaction has begun.

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 Female Character Meme: Day Fourteen: A older female character - Barbara Covett

People languish for years with partners who are clearly from another planet. We want so much to believe that we’ve found our other. It takes courage to recognise the real as opposed to the convenient.

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“I became addicted to the guilt. The strange thrill of doing something so morbid, so off-color, and so completely wrong.”

—   Marcella Pixley, Without Tess (via quoted-books)


It was fun while it lasted…

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tokyo ghoul+last words

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You come in here, and you’re a weight on me. Do you understand me? You’re a burden. You’re just fucking dragging me down.

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"Would you please not go?"

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if you were to write a story about me,
it would certainly be a tragedy

I just moved here so I don’t have any friends. 
So would you be my friend?

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Chapter 143: The Aftermath


The fandom right now:


Uta right now:



—   me after reading tokyo ghoul chapters 140-143 (via titans-eat-the-rude)